Sourcing Quality

The Human Bean Franchise Sourcing Quality Red Cherry Handpicked

Matching Humans & Beans

Not only do we buy thoughtfully and seasonally, and ensure that coffee farmers are paid fairly — we purchase coffees that we have tasted, and that scored well above the specialty minimum standard.

The Human Bean Coffee Franchise Quality Care Basket of red cherries

Sourcing with Care

We source and serve only specialty Arabica coffee. Our coffees are cupped throughout the process to ensure the highest quality.

The Human Bean Coffee Franchise Roasting Quality

Roasting Quality

We develop optimal roast profiles to showcase the quality, batch after batch. Our artisan roasting method combines traditional roasting with modern technology. A small-batch European drum roaster is outfitted with environmentally friendly afterburners, substantially reducing roasting emissions well below industry averages.

Farm Friendly Direct Program 

This program pays growers a premium for their coffee, with 100% of that premium going to farm and community projects. This direct purchasing relationship is mutually beneficial for The Human Bean and our growers. We are guaranteed a constant and consistent supply of the highest quality coffee, while growers and their local communities receive above fair-market pricing.

Farm Friendly Direct funds have: 

  • Built a water treatment plant in Guatemala
  • Completed deep solar water wells in Tanzania and Kenya
  • Planted 15,000 trees in the region of El Salvador
  • Built a new schoolhouse and supported the salary of a teacher in Papua New Guinea

Our Colombia Farm Friendly Project consists of building and also repairing septic and sanitary units within coffee-growing communities. 

The Human Bean Franchise Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee

Swiss Water Process

Want to know the secret behind our amazing decaf? It’s Swiss Water® processed beans that have had their caffeine removed naturally without the use of chemicals, leaving the integrity and flavor of the bean intact. It only takes water, temperature and time. 

The Human Bean Coffee Franchise: Steven Smith Teamaker

Smith Teas

Smith Teas are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon and blend quality and creativity with uncompromising good taste. Steep your day in exquisite full-leaf flavors, available in caffeinated and herbal infusions.

The Human Bean Coffee Franchise: Chocolate covered espresso beans

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Nothing tops our own house-roasted espresso beans dipped in rich chocolate — which is why you’ll find one on every drink at The Human Bean!