Becoming An Owner

The Human Bean has grown to a nation-wide company because we continue to pick the right kind of partners. And then we invest heartily in those relationships — providing guidance and tools to make their ownership experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Ideal Candidates

  • Customer service oriented
  • Liquid assets of $200,000
  • A strong connection to their community
  • A love and appreciation for a great cup of coffee will go a long way, too!
  • 1. Submit Online Form

    Fill out the online application form and a bit about yourself on our website.

  • 2. Intro Call

    We’ll set up a 15-minute call for an overview of what’s involved in franchising.

  • 3. FDD Review

    You will receive three emails: a brochure that talks about The Human Bean, our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), and a Franchise Application.

  • 4. Submit Your Application

    After reviewing the FDD, take the next step, and submit your Franchise Application.

  • 5. Follow Up Call

    You’ll receive a follow-up call for us to answer any remaining questions.

  • 6. Meet the Founders

    Then you’ll have a call with one of our founders.

  • 7. Interview with Team

    We’ll set up a video conference with our cross-functional team. This is a 30-minute call done in an interview style.

  • 8. Decision

    If you are approved, we will begin the process of site selection.  And after you’ve secured a piece of property, we will execute your franchise agreement.