Our Story

More than twenty years ago…

A duo of husband and wife teams decided to open a stand-alone, drive-thru coffee shop. It wouldn’t be just any business. It would be part of the community. It would be good and do good. 

They would make a difference and do right by their customers. They would listen. They would treat team members and franchise partners like family, and treat everyone in the supply chain like the good human beans they are.

Quality people, service & coffee

The very first cup they served had a chocolate-covered espresso bean on top. And so would every single cup that followed. Because The Human Bean believes in making even the smallest of exchanges memorable, kind, and sincere — and ensuring every customer has their day brightened for the better as they drive away.

Our Mission

To inspire authentic human connections with a bean on top.

The Human Bean Coffee Drive Thru

Where We’re Headed

Today, there are hundreds of locations open and in development across the country. We are where we are because we continue to partner with the right people and the right locations.

And the bean on top is just the start; we strive to show our customers each and every day that they are more than a number. A cup of coffee or their pick-me-up of choice can be so much more. 

Today is the smallest we will ever be. When hundreds of stores turn into thousands, we will always treat our people like good Human Beans.